Offspring of Benjamin's Tekoa DNA-P (11/20/1985-8/27/2000)

(This list may not be comprehensive. This list only contains those dogs in the database for which this dog is a parent. Dogs that have not been entered into the database will not appear in this list.)

Out of Mountain Laurel Kali of Intervale CGC, CHIC, DNA-P:

Intervale Piper (3/27/1998-8/27/2013) [OFAPrelim OFA15519H13AN]
Intervale Tuckerman DNA-VIP (3/27/1998-12/15/2012) [OFA CI-138G57M-PI]
Intervale Honey CHIC, DNA-VIP (3/27/1998-7/11/2012) [OFA CI-105G25F-T]
CH Intervale Crystal Cascade CGC, CHIC, DNA-VIP (3/27/1998-8/18/2012) [OFA CI-124G45F-PI]
GRCH Intervale Imp Face CHIC, CGC, DNA-VIP (3/27/1998-5/30/2015) [OFA CI-125F45F-PI]
Intervale Surprise AD, AS, NJC (3/27/1998-3/1/2012) [GDC GDC15129H13EN]
Intervale Franconia Notch (3/27/1998-9/27/2013) [OFA CI-169G74F-PI]
CH Intervale Katherine CHIC, CGC (3/27/1998-12/6/2013)

Out of Northdown Natasha DNA-VIP:

Howlin Hills Fox Maule Ramsay (2/3/1996-) [OFA CHY-31F77M-PI]
Howlin Hills Striper DNA-VIP (2/3/1996-) [OFA 801335 MODERATE HD]
Howlin Hills Grizzly (2/3/1996-)
Howlin Hills Zephyr (2/3/1996-)
Howlin Hills Denali III (2/3/1996-)
Howlin Hills Jem (2/3/1996-)
Howlin Hills Rosco (2/3/1996-)
Howlin Hills Miss Grizz (2/3/1996-)
Howlin Hills Molly (2/3/1996-10/7/2010)
Howlin Hills Samantha (2/3/1996-)
Howlin Hills Katrina
Howlin Hills Glacier

Out of North Wind Tia DNA-P:

Northdown Tiyuk (8/10/1989-12/8/1999)
Northdown Kusko Kwim (8/10/1989-) [OFA CI-27G53M]
Northdown Kipper (8/10/1989-3/25/2002) [OFA CI-38G63M]
Northdown Ramos (8/10/1989-3/1/2000) [OFA CI-53G78M]
Northdown DC (8/10/1989-10/29/2003)
Northdown Chicora (8/10/1989-)
Northdown Gustavo (8/10/1989-2002)

Out of Singing Woods Kenai:

Good News Yukon (6/3/1989-)
Good News Kishka (9/9/1987-)
Good News Chinook (9/9/1987-)
Good News Kima (9/9/1987-)

Out of Victor's Nikiska:

Northdown Finger Lake (3/26/1988-)
Northdown Allagash (3/26/1988-2000)
Northdown Skykomish (3/26/1988-)
Northdown Annie (3/26/1988-)

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